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The De-humanization agenda

The De-humanization Agenda
*This is by NO means an exhaustive essay only the most basic surface level of these agenda.

Fuck this non-sense about Global Warming. The pseudo-intellectual call to protect the earth from the bi-product of natural human emissions is complete and total fraud. The bi-product of human life is the elixir of life for this planet and its NATURAL inhabitants. Much like income tax where you pay YOUR money to support the invisible prison and VISIBLE police state built up around you , the “big three” religions where you further support a hellish astral prison system built from guilt, shame and fear, and the co-opts Illuminati magickal systems where you pledge your time and energy to a Qilopthian overlord and megalomaniacal system of delusional corruption, the “Green Movement” is another thinly veiled tactic based in emotional black mail, systematic conditioning and guilt laden programming.
Our earth is experiencing an incremental invasion and a quite genocide is taking place of the human race.
The goals?
1. Eliminate 90% of the human population. Enslave the remaining 7% and use the remaining 3% as “breeders” for a source of food and the “recreational” use of human glandular secretions.
2. Incremental/Gradual transformation (terra-forming) of this planet into a bio-sphere that is compatible for the invading hosts. The earth is being slowing turned into a “subterranean” climate. Cold, dark and murky. The Sun is being blocked by massive amount of heavy metals in the air. The soil turned into nutrient-barren waste lands and the water poisoned. This “reflective metals” is the air to deflect the Sun’s heat and create a layer of “protection” from the Sun’s rays is like forcefully placing and holding a pillow over a person’s face to protect them from breathing in dust. The Sun is vital to human health and dispelling depression as well as keeping at bay from human consciousness the truly depraved and vile intelligences/vibrations that would essentially root themselves into the minds of mind and propagate ideas for mass extinction and thoughts so bizarre and twisted that “insanity” doesn’t begin to cover them…. Welcome to the mindset of the so-called “elite”.
3. Slowly re-write the DNA of humans to become more “suited” for this new bio-sphere and become a “sub” type of human, no longer protected under “human rights” and lacking in higher cognitive functions. This “new” humans will truly be “goyim” and fit to be the slaves the NOW as always wanted. Little more than mostly androgynous cattle with two legs, capable of limited speech using only service based/action based words to complete “tasks” and no way of describing emotions/feelings. This is Orwellian NEW speak.
4. The animals and plants of this planet will also be twisted into dangerous forms of creatures that are psychopathic. These new hybrids will destroy the populations of others of its former kind. Alien species of animals have and will be continued to be introduced to eat earth animals and even mate with them to further pollute and destroy any “original” earth species. These creatures will be highly evasive and hostile. The eating of these animals will no doubt continue to turn and twist the DNA of humans.
5. A hybrid species of plants much like animal has been set loose on the earth. These plants are toxic; these will be the only types of plants that can grow in this new terrain. They are highly evasive and hostile to other plant life. Their DNA will turn and twist the DNA of humans who eat them.
6. Carbon depleting the earth will more quickly kill off native plants and larger animals. These will also greatly impact brain functioning and higher thought. Plants breathe carbon and breathe out oxygen. Less carbon means, less plants which means less oxygen.
7. Bring all humans into highly developed communal prison cities so that they can be better managed, tagged and placed under medical/agricultural/educational tyranny. No more privacy, no more free thinking and no more individualism. People will be placed in “color sections” this will replace humanity’s need for tribalism and can be used to create infighting and help keep humans divided (example would be a manufactured rivalry between the Blues and the Greens). Life will become so simplistic and lack luster that IQ will plunge, creativity be killed off and rebellion essentially none existent.

I can remember distinctly being in grade school and being told that 1000s of acres of Rainforests where being destroyed everyday and that within a few years there would be no water for us all to drink. In truth the Rainforests have almost doubled in size and water is nowhere near scarce. This was an early attempt to condition us that if “maybe” there are less people who could all survive and that when the elite have stored away all our “drinkable water” and have restricted us to cities and population control grids and we never again see nature they can trigger old implanted memories that they have all been “burned” away and that we have no run out of water.
The modern “environmental movement” is nothing more than the modernization of “King’s Wood” an ancient method of maintaining populations in the old world cities. The ruling class would realize that their “subjects” (interesting the note the word “subjects” I believe that cities where an early social experiments so you would need “subjects” to study… where the ancient ruling class the first social scientists? I believe so) would run away and go back to living in the woods after being raped, tortured, extorted and abducted while living under the tyranny of the “city”.
The ruling class then stated that the “woods” would be destroyed by “all” these people living in them and in order to protect their precious resources banned people from eating none royal approved food. This stated that the ruling class placed under their “protection” (racket) all the animals and plants. Anyone caught hunting or foraging (living independently) would be punished.
Also… foraging included finding medicinal herbs… so sickness/disease was rampant in cities and the ruling class could own a strangle hold on medical “services” and much like now, even then their medical service was little more than butchering, giving even more poison and medical experimentation on non-consenting individuals, as well as using epidemics and mixing them with people infected with other diseases and early incubation methods to develop super flu’s… the “black plague” was a manufactured and spread pandemic.
The ruling class even then whined about “too many” people… Too many people meant world domination and total enslavement was not possible.
Many parallels can be drawn between then and now.
Our children are taught to hate themselves but also be high promiscuous and superficial. They are taught “families” are bad and that they need to live hast, die young and only attain to things that can be “purchased”, and anything lasting, worthwhile or steeped in tradition is “uncool” and to be laughed at and ridiculed.
Our children are taught to ignore the suffering of others, to see war and cancer and violence as “natural” and common, not to be questioned, as opposed to manufactured and profitable ventures that DO NOT need to occur on such common occurrences.
The “green movement” teaches that any form of legitimate manufacturing or production is evil. Therefore this cuts down on competition for the mega corps who is the Illuminati and demonizes further true free market. The “green movement” criminalizes human actions and breeds elitism. In other words living is harmful but I will continue to live and seek to end the living of others to “protect” the planet… it’s a deadly “justification”.
The “green movement” allows for medical tyranny under eugenics and allows for a super class to decide who lives and who breeds, NOT the actual natural selection which would occur without the cruel hand of eugenic science. This movement teaches humans to accept they should die and allows for small elite to rule as “stewards” of the earth.
In reality this is all just further thinning out of any form of resistance towards incremental invasion. Fewer people and the increase of Alzheimers lead to a breakdown of racial memory and stop the passing down of traditions. History becomes forgotten to all but small elite. Humans don’t remember the skies used to be brighter and that fish didn’t look like insects or have multiple heads etc. They have no concept of “belonging” and can be easily uprooted and placed back down into a “New World” tradition that is hostile towards humans and teaches them they are slaves and always have been, that a small ruling elite are their masters and that there has also been strange unknowable and angry gods demanding of human sacrifice that must be appeased…or else.
What can we do?
1. Learn and record true human history.
2. Fight to develop free markets. Be inventive. Sell ideas and products YOU created.
3. Learn to grow your own food. Store organic seeds.
4. Learn martial arts… ANY kind… it’s about developing a fighting spirit.
5. Learn to develop your skill with firearms… it’s a great sport and our founding fathers extolled the mental and physical benefits of “sport” shooting.
6. Learn the pre-Christian traditions of our own people and racial backgrounds. Connect with these stories and intelligences. This will REALLY ground you and teach you where you came from. This will serve as a iron rod in the storm or golden ball of string in the labyrinth of deceit and lies.
7. DO NOT use the Hebrew God names, these are total filth and invite the spirits of complete human sacrifice and the minds behind the de-humanization agenda.
8. Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual. Ground, evolve, advance, grow and increase your spiritual awareness and connection with your own divine humanity.
9. Create communities of brave, strong and aware humans. Where laughter among friends is heard, trouble soon flees.
-Bear Heart

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