Friday, October 8, 2010

Tui-La speaks; Channeled Information from a Lunar Spirit on the Nature of the astral body and Strongman archtype

(This channeled writing comes from a Lunar spirits named Tui-La. Tui-La appears as two impossibly beautiful fish that look a lot like Japanese Koi and forever follow each other is a circle. Their beauty and long flowing bodies and fins that swirl with liquid color is hypnotic and starting at them causes one to fall into trance. Tui-La might in fact be two entities so in sync that “they” act as “one”. To me Tui-La is very feminine, but I have heard other’s feel a masculine energy. Tui-La is an oracle and very, very wise and skilled in ALL matters of dreams and astral mechanics.)

The lunar modal is one of pliable and malleable sub-atomic “plastic” or maybe you might prefer clay. Much like our moon it’s self the color is somewhat drab and grey. The substance is dark and without shape. The building of this substance or maybe you would prefer molding is done by the mind or subconscious rather of the human.
The human as a number of “bodies” or maybe you would prefer the use of the word “vehicles” in which it is CONSTANTLY engaging within each of the major planetary spheres of influence and even within the lesser to unknown spheres of influences and there are many. However, the human’s many vehicles are most strongly affected by the major planetary spheres of Influence and the more powerful and developed the astral body is, the less and less the “alien” or lesser to unknown spheres of influence affect the human, up to the point of no influence at all.
The body or rather vehicle of the lunar body, or Yesod, the planetary sphere of the Moon is the Astral body of the Human, and ALL other bodies or vehicles rather, of the human in the other planetary sphere flow into the human’s astral body and are also effected directly by the human’s astral body.
The more aware and confident a human is within their astral body and it’s functioning the more power one can affect and shape the astral clay and manifest the dreams and goal the human has upon the physical platform, or rather, the earth, which is the altar of “God” as both the Prime Creator AND the Magician.
The Strongman is the Astral Body and the Physical body, and the entities such as Samson, Atlas, Rod, Gabriel, and Hercules hold the dreams and hopes of a person/magician or entire people. The Strongman is the “channel” between the two worlds, the Grand Column, Mighty Pole, often viewed as the “power” between the Great Twin Pillars of Beauty and Strength (Jakin and Boaz).
Upon the “strongman’s head/mind rests the Sphere of the Moon, his thoughts shaoping the Astral clay, his feet planted firmly in the physical realm upon the earth. His effort and work, his sweat, trickle down the length of his body, carrying the “will to form” spill upon the physical plane thereby manifesting into reality the work done in the astral realm, the effort and toil to hold the dream and the will to be a conduit/channel between the two worlds, holding the space between the two worlds, making room for the astral manipulations to manifest in the shape of your desire upon the physical plane.
What this really means is work.
No human is born with the strength of Solomon. They MUST work for it. The same is the ability to shape the astral clay. Without doubt the human’s astral body will always be shaping the astral clay. Just like until the death of the physical body, the human’s physical body is always doing “something”, the question is, is it a productive something or a unproductive or even harmful something.
A human’s astral body is the same way. Are you creating your dreams or are you shaping your nightmares into reality? That should be the question at the forefront of the human’s mind. What is my astral body doing? This is a very important practice to get into.
The strongman also breaks chains and binds that enslave him, these are also habits.
Bear Heart, when you are seriously injured all those year ago, did you not develop habits such as depressing thoughts and self hate? What did that do for you? You built debilitating relationships; you let yourself get walked on and creatively, spiritually and physically stifled. You where like a wounded grizzly with your paw stuck in a bear trap… waiting for the wolves to come and deep in your heart you WANTED the wolves to come and end your misery, no blame in that you thought. But you also knew better and in your true heart, you knew you HAD to recover.
You turned to Thor and begged him for strength again and you had to exercise your body AND your astral body, you developed exercises for both your physical body and astral body, and that is how you meet me.
You grew healthy again and in a glorious moment of strength and will power you broke all the chains you let others put on you, to hold you down, to keep them at your level and effectively steal what little love and energy you had left. You snapped all those chains, came up roaring, your voice shook the astral realm and sent phantoms and wraiths screaming for safety and most you hunted down and destroyed. This can happen for anyone willing to make the effort to do so.
Now you hold world records in strength and are a consultant for strength athletes and fighters of various types around the world.
But, you also know that this comes and stays ONLY as strongly as you work for it, as you EARN it. Though you’re efforts, your astral work, or physical work, only through that do you make this “real” and keep it so.
So you summoned me today because you wanted to know how to teach, or rather, instruct others on how to develop their astral vehicles, how to develop them, strengthen them, and transfer the conscious awareness to this vehicle and allow others to have the experience that will inspire liberation and freedom from the physical body and then come back to the physical body and desire the same freedom.
I will say to tell them this. Tell them you’re story. Tell them what you did. It worked for you, so you know it will work for them. Be courageous Bear Heart, and tell them what you did and many may follow and develop their own experiences and then share that with others.
Tell them that you spent a period of time before you fell asleep at night seeing yourself, or your astral body rather, with your astral eyes, your 3rd eye.
You would direct your astral body to do pushup and counted out 100 and then you would have your astral body walk up and down a flight of stairs until you feel asleep and then again when you woke up in the morning you would lay in bed a little while and do it again. Pretty soon Bear Heart you where not “just” watching your astral body, you where in your astral body, visualizing and FEELING the pushups and walking the stairs.
Then what happened Bear Heart? Oh yes. YOU, your physical body began to feel COMPELED to begin a regimen of 100 pushups and walking stairs in response to the Astral body work out and exercises you were doing.
Pretty soon ear Heart, you where having your astral body walking, talking, flying, swimming, digging and building houses and tools and all manner of objects. What happened then? Oh yes, you suddenly where invited to people’s homes that looked amazing like the houses you built in your astral body built, you where given gifts that your astral body had crafted out of astral clay and you where setting world strength records on the physical world because you had built them into your astral body that forged the unshakable believe that if you worked hard in the physical world you COULD do it and you did.
ANYONE can do this. You know that and it’s time ALL humans knew that. Continue your work Bear Heart, it is part of your Great Work and it’s so important. People hear your words and know that all you want to do it share your knowledge, give them the same experiences you had with no strings. You know that TRUE freedom is not possible until ALL people have freedom, so let ALL people have the knowledge that can set them free.
You have built in your astral world a place where you can be a voice for true Magick and create a community of strong, free and magickaly active humans fighting back the powers of greed, tyranny and slavery.
It is know you don’t want to be a “leader” just a voice and light in the darkness encouraging others to be a voice and light in the darkness.
Tell them that Bear Heart, or rather, tell them to ask their Higher Self if it would like Freedom and to share that with others.
The astral body is a mirror of the physical body, more you look it over and exercise it, the stronger, healthier, and more developed it will be. The stronger your astral body the more chains of slavery it can break, the better the astral clay can be shaped and then less you will be attacked, entities look for victims not fights and a powerful developed human astral body is still one of the most formidable fighting forces in the universe.
Tell them that Bear Heart and then scream it from your astral mountain top and create a storm of freedom, thunder of liberation and lighting flashes of inspiration, and thank your mighty thunder gods your love so, so very much. Tell people about me and maybe I can help them learn better the astral push and pull and the how to ride the astral tides.

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