Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nikola Tesla, Goetic Spirits, and You. The next great work of G.O.O.D.S.

It was early one morning that I settled my gaze over the reflective surface of Mersilde’s (goetic spirit mentioned in the Grimoirum Verum) magic mirror. The mirror’s surface responded in kind to my deepening state of trance, beginning to swirl and churn with the puce colored ichors that are the Saturnine laced lunar fluids of the astral realm. I let my consciousness dangle above this portal, enticing it to slightly rise up and met me. My consciousness floated upon its rippling currents, like a buoy in the ocean, and I allowed myself self to be pulled into a whirlpool of rushing sound, and howling frequency.
My mission statement was made clear, and my intent honed to a razor’s edge long before I cradled Mersilde’s mirror in my hands; intoning the incantations which would activate the artifact, and begin my work.
My Godfather (mentor) possessed a strong interest (some might say obsession) in the Serbian wizard, Nikola Telsa. I use the term wizard in its true sense. A Wizard is/was, an exceedingly rare individual that blends high magic with high science. This is different from a magician, or sorcerers who deals with spiritual, and inter (extra) dimensional intelligences mainly through pacts, with very limited sci-tech.
I am admittedly a high-level magician who dreams of one day becoming a true Wizard… maybe that will happen, and maybe it won’t.
This early morning as the dead of night still held sway, and the sun was still a few hours from peaking above the California hills, the mystical Santa Ana winds came as if summoned in tandem with Mersilde…perfuming the night air with mango flowers, and tangerine blossoms causing the candle flames to throw a thousand flourishing shadows across my ritual space.
I was not alone.
Something else stirred around me as I sought an audience with the ghost of Nikola Tesla.
What it was exactly is hard to say.
I believe that it was first “elemental”.
The land itself, as in the “state” of California responded to my conjurations. The ground beneath my feet felt like it shifted and a deep earthy groan resonated below me. The sky, full of the Santa Wind, seemed to carry the hushed voices of millions of sleepy people.
People still dreaming of what “could” be, and should be.
A dream of humanity, one that seems to have been made realized in a forgotten time, and one that was about to be born again, but was murderously aborted by who we know as the vile human filth which fill the ranks of the Illuminati.
This grave injury was inflicted upon the world, at the hands of the plump wiggling sub-human maggot named JP. Morgan, and his gibbering monkey Thomas Edison, both funded by the blood moneyed slaves of house Rothschild; the crypt-like Rockefellers. Hook-nosed, Zionist, Khzar/Ashkenazi scum… all of them
Within Mersilde’s magic mirror, I first glimpsed his sad eyes as they locked with mine; followed by his stark Serbian features. I was given a gift, the opportunity to be in the presence of the epitome of “wizard”, the great Nikola Tesla.
I was awash with emotion.
Our meeting was brief, but in truth, it didn’t need to be any longer then it was… what needed to happen next quickly obvious.
The great wizard Telsa told me that I would meet someone of his genius in my lifetime. I am to wonder if his meant of “his” genius, as his reincarnation, or another wizard of his rank. Either way… a more prestigious blessing you would be hard pressed to find.
He also said that if I would act in this way that I would draw the attention of very evil men.
When the time is right, I would know it. I would have received the final transmission of my Godfather, and completed my destiny path set out by him for me.
Well… all stars have aligned as they say.
I have completed my destiny path, I have received the final transmission from my Godfather, and I see now the rumblings of Nikola Telsa in the mainstream.
It is the mission statement of G.O.O.D.S that the technology, and scientific accomplishments of Nikola Telsa be made free to the general public. That the in place of those tombstones of humanity once called the WTC, instead Telsa’s free energy coils tower in their place.
It is time to start one of the biggest and most secretive missions of G.O.O.D.S…. To “unlock” the plans, the work, and free ALL the patents of Nikola Tesla form the scaly claws who are strangling world to death.
At one point we will also try and locate the person, or persons who possess his (Tesla’s) intellect, and place magical protections over them, so that they can make this dream of humanity a reality once more.
So first things first.
We will work with the grand spirit Sugat.
Surgat is mentioned in the Grimoirum Verum, as “able to open all locks”.
For right now that is what we NEED to focus on. There will be other works with Surgat, but let us lay the fundamental foundation.
Forget also “Duke Syrach”, I will handle what needs to be done within this tradition with him directly.
With Surgat we will open the locks which imprison Telsa’s work, but in a very real way, part of his spirit also.
This is will be a long and rough working. The attention of both many evil people and evil entities will be garnered. Be prepared to be confronted by both. Evil entities will direct wicked minded people to threaten and scare you, maybe even harm you. You will need to be ready.
This working will need to happen hard, and fast. We will press the work, and we not let up. This MUST happen. Humanity is in an eleventh hour so to speak. The Illuminati doesn’t want to have to try and commit a bloody screaming murder against us, a fight they could (and probably will) lose. They would prefer, like a stalking burglar, to kill us in our sleep…muffled screams at best.
The release of Tesla’s work would, like the internet, shall quickly fall out of their hands, and set their agenda back yet another 30-40 years… and this time we have the chance to smother this monster out utterly.
The new minds, the sons and daughters of Telsa genius will see greater applications, and with it shut down the invisible prison grid that has isolated the earth from most of the authentic off world transmissions being sent here trying to warn us about both the off world, and inter-dimensional being out world governments have made enslaving, entangling deals with.
Let me say this, the so-called channlers of Pileadians, and or Acturians, etc… are shills and or fucking nut jobs, and are actually channeling the placating, subduing, quelling messages from Reptilian, and Grey sources. These New Age Light-Workers have been embarrassingly inaccurate, and have proven themselves to be completely useless time, and time again.
With this technology and free exchange of REAL scientific ideals of Tesla, we will have the technology we need to restore the earth, eliminate dependency on energy sources that can (have) be made into commodities, and monopolized. We will also have access to offensive and defensive capabilities to wrestle free this planet from ancient and incoming threats.
I don’t want to aggrandize this working, but it’s that fucking important.
You must also know that it will seem mundane, and gradual. The effects of your/our work will have to coalesce, and act upon people, and events which we will not, in the short-term, see.
However, the resistance will mount. There are as we speak entities that Tesla told me about that exist just out of phase; entities who seek out the wizard’s work, and desire to crush it. What else about these entities, I don’t know, other than a strong electromagnetic field keeps them at bay. Thus the “Merger” and the reason behind it… are things and my methods becoming clearer yet???
You will notice the difference between the sigils of the Grimoirum Verum, and say the Ars Goetia. The Sigils of the Grimoirum Verum are more open and sort of free form, while that of the Ars Goetia are closed, and tight.
The sigils of the Grimoirum Verum, are meant to be work in, and on. The sigils of the Ars Goetia, are meant to be worked around, over, and under. This probably won’t make a lot of sense right now, but there will come a time that it will.
Sufficent to say, you will be working “in” the sigil of Surgat.
Surgat’s image is also not described. The main reason for this is that when working with Surgat, Surgat does appear with certain “set” qualities. These qualities are used to confirm to others in the know, that you are indeed working with Surgat.
It is unfortunate that the images of the spirits of the Ars Goetia where described. This was done to ruin the art. By placing their images (most of which are incorrect) into public consciousness, the spirits could be damaged, and rendered ineffective because of the misinterpreted untrained, uninitiated, and unpracticed minds would associate with them. The internet is FULL of examples of these…i.e. just about EVERY occult writer on the subject.
Because Sugat’s image is not described, I want you to work with his sigil, and deal with Surgat’s true “unseen”/astral energy. Overtime you will begin to associate an image of Surgat… and I hope to have a place where experiences can be shared, but this is not within the immediate future.
You will need a full sized piece of paper, or brown parchment, as you will want to draw Surgat’s sigil big, so a place where you can keep this active working going for long term is also important.
On the parchment, inside Surgat’s sigil, red and white candle must be placed, and glass bowl of water, with a small pouring of rum, or whisky in it. (it doesn’t matter where with Surgat’s sigil these are placed).
The candles can be novella (glass encased), or large tapered candles, with holders. You will want to burn a full red and white candle to the working with Surgut once a week, and replace them for the next week. Also the bowl of water should be replaced once a week, and or anytime the water get very low, or cloudy. A small splash of fresh rum, or whiskey should be added to the water again.
The white candle will be the “opening” a locked energy instructions to Surgat, and the red candle, the active energy instructions to Surgat.
The water, with whiskey, and rum, will be a filtering agent for the energy around you, and Surgat, and how Surgat travels between the physical and astral world. The whiskey, or rum is a gift to Surgat, and helps keep energy clean.
On the parchment, inside Surgat’s sigil, write in your own hand writing, “Open to all the world access to all Nikola Tesla’s work to use”, also… because you are doing this work, write something for yourself, something that seems to have been locked away from you. This is personal, so only you will know what to write. Surgat will open this for you.
Look up “sigil magic” if you want, and write this highly personal request, in sigil form. This will keep prying eyes from knowing your desire, and certain entities will be less likely to decipher its meaning, and unable to use it as leverage against you to try and prevent you from doing this work.
When Surgat opens up that request for you, take the sigil of Surgat, pour the water/rum or whiskey over it, and bury it. Re-draw the sigil with a new personal desire, along with the great Telsa work request, and begin anew.
1. To activate the sigil, say:
“In the name of the Most High, the Prime Creator, I ask your light descend upon me, and brighten, heal, and empower my sphere of influence. I seek the strength and courage to not shrink in the hour of my trial so that my name might one day be written in the stars”.
Perform the kabalistic cross (with your power hand, touch your third eye say “the glory”, point to your feet say “for the kingdom”, point to your right shoulder say “I shall have the sword arm of Mars”, point to your left shoulder say, “I shall have the scepter bearing arm of Jupiter”, and now bring both hands in front of your solar plexus say “I shall shine with the brilliance of Sol”.
2. Light the red and white candles (if not already lit).
“Mighty Surgat, you who opens all locks, I in the name of the Most High, ask that you be present in this working. I ask that you open to all the world access to all Nikola Tesla’s work to use”.
With the pointer finger of your power hand, tap on where you wrote “open to all the world access to all Nikola Tesla’s work to use”, in Surgat’s sigil nine (9) times. This will cause slight vibrations in the water in bowl on/in Surgat’s sigil.
3. Now say:
“Mighty Surgat, you who opens all locks, I in the name of the Most High, ask that you open “your own personal request”.
With the pointer finger of your power hand, tap on where you wrote (or drew the sigil) for ” your own personal request”, in Surgat’s sigil nine (9) times. This will cause slight vibrations in the water in bowl on/in Surgat’s sigil.
(These vibrations in the water echo throughout Surgat’s spiritual/energetic matrix. The amount of vibrations containing the energy of “open to all the world access to all Nikola Tesla’s work to use” will create huge waves within Surgat, and the astral world).
4. Say:
“Surgat, in the name of the Most High, I thank you for your efforts. When this greater work is accomplished know that you receive the veneration worthy of such accomplishment!”
Perform the kabalistic cross in the manner stated above.
You are done.
Perform this once pre-day until further notice.
There is no need to perform any “banishing”, as this a long time working with Surgat, and you want him around. Performing the kabalistic cross will keep you balanced out energetically, and maintain your spiritual equilibrium.
Along with this:
• Develop your spiritual armor once daily
• Knights of the Round ritual once daily.
• Perform the Merger once daily
• Begin and maintain a physical exercise routine.
• Study and familiarize yourself with Nikola Tesla.

This is the first issuance of this greater work. I welcome all to join in, share their experiences, and together we WILL make this happen.
You got your orders brave knights!
-Uncle Bearheart

Friday, June 27, 2014

Checkers vs. Chess. Hiepatch sigil.

I was e-mailed by a man who introduced himself as a prominent member of the Hermetic Magical order, the O.T.O. stating that he has been an active and influential member for thirty years. I had no reason not to believe him, but he seemed to want me to look into his claim, and I quickly verified that was who he said he was.
His demeanor suggested I was like a little boy who wandered into his parent’s closet, and found his father’s gun, in regards to my knowledge of the Goetic spirits.
That I was lucky he happened by when he did and that he could mentor me into the “right direction”, before I did anything too dangerous. He said I showed “potential”, but needed someone formally trained in the occult to help me progress.
I can only assume he was offering to do just that, but he never came out and said it.
I thanked him for his assessment of me, and I told him I was willing to listen to anything he had to say.
I gave him enough rope to thoroughly hang himself.
It became painful clear after only two e-mail exchanges that not only had he woefully overstated his knowledge, but that he was in the process of realizing just how he didn’t know while attempting to assimilate what I was sharing him.
I quickly ceased speaking with him as an equal with terms of magic, and the occult… but never as a human being.
I understand that he is a teacher within the O.T.O, and the information I was sharing is far above his pay grade. Since he was not ready for this quality of information, his students where no better and continuing a discussion with him on the prior level could be disastrous.
He was embarrassed, but I was sympathetic, and I afforded him every opportunity to save face. I even said that I could help expand his understanding of the Goetia structure.
He took me up on that offer, not as a “student”, but as someone curious about another magical tradition.
I gave him a simple exercise. An exercise I know Western occultists no longer spend much time doing, but would greatly benefit from. I instructed him to start exploring the deeper intricacies of Goetic sigils.
By studying the formulation of a sigil you can uncover the harmonic frequencies which gave both birth, and purpose to the sigil itself based on the dominion(s) of the spirit who owns it.
Function DICTATES form. Following that universal law, a spirit sigil will contain pictographs of things that express the nature of the spirit in the physical world OR are expressed in the physical world by that spirit.
The same expressions of that spirit during the time of its sigil’s physical inception that made it valid then, would also contain physical expressions from the modern world to make it just as valid now.
He was highly skeptical of this “radical” idea of mine, but conceded to try it.
He quickly became frustrated with the exercise, he said it was beneath not only his rank, but also his title within the O.T.O. Be that as it may, he still couldn’t come up with even one pictograph within the sigil I randomly picked for him (I picked the spirit Hiepatch, a spirit concerned with the transportation of people, often bringing them long distances away to appear before the magician, or the magician’s client).
I convinced him to stick with it, and coached him into how he may enter a sigil’s energetic matrix, and see a spirit from the inside out.
He found this process very unnerving. Hermetic Magic primarily teaches to entrap, and isolate spirits. The idea of a spirit entering the magician is unsettling enough, but suggesting he go a step further, and a magician enter a spirit was an even more disturbing a proposition for him.
This is when he turned from disdainful, and “amused” by me, to aggressive.
I was beginning to break down his worldview, and he did not like that.
He was a long time checkers player. As indicated by his position within the O.T.O, maybe even a master checkers player. But in a world where the real game is chess, even a master checkers player is of little value. He was starting to see the chess pieces emerge on what he once only knew as a checkers board. He did as many have been socially conditioned to do, reject becoming a novice level chess player to then truly advance, and run back to being a checkers master.
He demand that I show him where in the sigil of Hiepatch an expression of transportation or travel of any kind could be found. To prove that such a thing existed, as he was now certain I was nothing more than an above average story teller.
Well, I will do just that, and I will even do it using an expression of Hiepatch in the modern world….
However I will do it on my blog so others may benefit, that people know from whom the information comes from, and also that he (and others) cannot try and “impress” his (their) students claiming it’s their own revelation.
I have scoured the internet, and I simply cannot find ANY evidence of this being common, or even uncommon knowledge. So if you see this connection being made elsewhere after this date… you know where it came from.

This is Hiepatch's sigil. A Goetic spirit who's dominion is over travel, and transportation.

This is a picture of a jeep driving on a road. The Jeep is both a modern day expression of transportation, and travel. I think the the sigil of Hiepatch clearly indicate a Jeep.

However is is but ONE very valid pictograph I can easily find in the sigil of Hiepacth, and it is because I can find expressions of Hiepatch's dominion, I can do the work I can with the Goetic spirits.

I invite all of you to become master of chess... and leave checkers behind.

-Uncle Bearheart

Sunday, June 15, 2014

TRUE Goetic Alchemy with #1 Bael

After releasing information about sensory deprivation using Goetic Alchemical techniques concerning the spirit Arages, I wondered if I should have first started with a few astral sensory development processes ruled over by Bael. In this way you will be better equipped in navigating what is admittedly a more dimly light area of the astral world… that of what could be thought of as the “inner-verse”. By “dimly lit”, I certainly do not mean to convey that this inner-verse is “more” evil in any way, shape, or form.

I am barraged with e-mails from woefully confused individuals demanding I realize or acknowledge that Saturn is Satan, or Zeus is the leader of the fallen angels (really???? Can anyone tell me where this nonsense comes from?), that aliens are demons, etc, and other nauseating fallacies born out of baseless conjecture from cretins who unfortunately possess a modicum more charm than the bottom feeders that propagate their Christian spawned lunacy.

That being said, I need to be careful NOT to fuel their delusions, and I can only imagine what will happen if I don’t not right now, and right here address what “more dimly lit area of the astral world” means. You might think it unnecessary, but if you ever see my inbox you will understand my proactive approach here.
Bael holds both the dubious and auspicious placement of numbero Uno within the magnificent configuration of the seventy-two spirits of the Ars Goetia. He is also a King, and because he is number one, the first spirit, and the first king, he is the King of Kings in this spiritual congress.

King Bael is steeped in mystery, and this is not surprising, as he is mercurial of the highest order. The grimiores of Europe where written by secret societies, many of the members were agents of the crown, and people of high finance. Often times the livelihoods of these people depended on keeping information secret, disinformation, and hiding things in plain sight. These individuals are who wrote the grimiores that contain the information concerning these spirits, and the rituals used to make contact with them.

Just how foolish is it to think that these grimiores are not written in intricate code that only initiation will give the key to unlock? I say this VERY unapologetically, these grimiores where written to render useless the information that could be gleaned from taking the writing at face value. So yes, I am saying that anyone following the Golden Dawn, O.T.O, Thelema, etc, are performing mostly useless ritual evocations in respect to working with Goetic spirits.
I for one am happy that who, and what Bael can accomplish is so expertly veiled. It respects initiation, and it also provides security for those initiated.

In my tradition of Goetic magic, and alchemy, Bael is closely associated with the Petrwo Loa Simbi Makaya. My tradition took a detour through Haiti, and was made the foundation for many Haitian/Caribbean sorcerous intrigues. I know that Bael is called upon in the Sanpwel, and Bizango magical societies. Both Simbi Makaya and Bael are magicians par-excellence, and while they are NOT synchronized with each other, they are seen as “friends”.
As such the Bael of my tradition is seen as a Marlon Brandon as the Godfather (Vito Corlone) Mafioso figure with three heads. The Human head being that of a Vito Corlone-esqe human, the head on the right shoulder a large tom cat, and the left head that of a rough bull frog or toad.
In my tradition of Goetic Alchemy Bael holds power of what is known as the “hypnogogic”, states, or images that happen, or appear on the verge of consciousness-unconsciousness; the paradoxical twilight between the “here” and the “there”.

To even see Bael is to ask the question “what”, to hold the vibration, or frequency which is invoked by “?”. An essential mystery is revealed in that, but past this foray into what is perhaps one of the greatest and little known secrets of the occult, I will remain silent… but oh… if you only possessed the initiatory cipher to decode what was just made so very dangerously clear…..
Within the Astral Temple-Astral Body-Physical Body formulation, Bael “is” and or “lives” in the Right Brain-Pineal Gland-Left Brain-Corpus Callosum continuum. What this all means and how it all fits, and what else it is comprised of, is something I am going to release slowly. It’s a matter of what you are ready for, and second I like to keep my plagiarizers stifled.

Most, and by most, I mean “damn near all”, Goetic information that passes as authentic was seeded on the internet, was (still is) copy and pasted, from websites circa 1999, typed on computers who rocked Windows 98, and used Dial-Up. These early internet pseudo-mages, would be delighted to know that the pure excrement they posted was devoured like it was chocolate ice cream, and has been plagiarized into a flimsy reality by an army of trailer park virgin (not by choice) wizards.

Rejected by society and Hogwarts alike, and much like sad Ninjistu adherents of the infamous Ashida Kim, these magical misfits turned mystic recluses bunkered in their mom’s basement. Bathed in the warm glow of computer screens they find solace, and seek the “power” to unleash the Grand Demons of Solomon upon their enemies!!!!!! Good luck with that….
An essential function of the alchemical work with Bael is to help you make sense of, maintain consciousness, and prolong your time in the Hypnogogic state. In order to better do that, a mighty link (Corpus Callosum) between your right and left of your brain hemispheres must be established. Along with that “practical” visualization must be made heavy use of to bridge the awareness of your physical body, and astral body.

To begin this is a simple enough, but I fear will might be over looked, and I urge you to perform this before all other magical work as it unifies your many bodies, and mental states towards a singular goal. I introduce “The Pendulum”.

The Pendulum is done with eyes closed, and in a relaxed state.
If your 3rd eye is 12 o’clock, your right eye 3 o’clock, your left eye 9 o’clock, then your chin is 6 o’clock. This clockwork defines the space of your own “psychic theater”, an astral movie screen.

The fulcrum of the pendulum, from where the pendulum dangles, is 12 o’clock. The head of the pendulum swings to 3 o’clock, and then to 9 o’clock. You watch the pendulum swing from your “observer” position in the audience of your personal psychic theater. These back and forth motion activates your Corpus Callosum, and unites the two-sides of your hemisphere while creating a drama for your pineal gland to activate as well and thus your astral senses get developed. Each time the head of the pendulum touches either 3 o’clock, or 9 o’clock, that is a count. You are to perform 81 counts. Let the pendulum swing in a rapid and even clip.
Do this at least once a day.

Each spirit of the severty-two Ars Goetia contains a staggering amount of practices. What has been revealed concerning Bael and Agares is the absolute tip of the iceberg concerning both. These are preliminary works that build the great archways by which a massive tradition is passed on.

-Uncle Bearheart

Thursday, June 12, 2014

TRUE Goetic Alchemy with #2 Duke Agares, and a brief introduction.

Agares will often presents himself as a weathered, and malnourished old man who might be very tall if his spine where not bent by advanced age. Agares is naked except for a tattered, dingy loin cloth that looks like it may fall down around his ankles any moment. His long straggly hair, and unkempt bread, are wind tangled into a make shift bird's nest where a goshawk is usually nesting.

Agares's body appears as that of an ancient emaciated man. His pale, paper thin skin hangs off his shaky skeletal limbs in loose flaps, and is covered with liver spots. Agare’s crazed eyes are wide, and never seem to blink. This particular feature serves to further accentuate his wide, toothless smile; save one very long, very crooked yellowing tooth in the upper left side of his mouth.

As Agares explains it, “I am long in the tooth, and so is my reign!”

Agares claims he was once worshiped as an ancient creator deity for a prehistoric nomadic river following peoples. When it came time to move their settlements, they would weave together an effigy of Agares using river grasses, and set him afloat him down the river. After waiting prescribed period of days, they would begin their search to find him.

Where ever this effigy came to rest along the river bank is where these nomadic peoples would re-settle.

Once found, Agare’s effigy would be read for oracular proposes, and predictions where forecast.

The circumstances surrounding the finding of Agares's effigy where interpreted.

Did the effigy washed up on shore, or was it was caught on something in the river, and if so what was it caught on? What was the direction of the effigy's head? What was the condition of the effigy's body, intact or badly damaged? Lastly, what if any animals, or insects where found nesting in, or around him?

The answers to these questions all held divinatory meanings concerning the tribe's new home, and what could be in store them while they settled there.

Agares alone is already a sight; however the elephantine oily green crocodile which he rides on, is usually who gets noticed first. This primordial crocodile is a true monster; second in size (and potential for violence) only to aquatic behemoths such as the Leviathan, and Jorgumand.

Most likely due to its sheer energetic density, the crocodile feels as if it creates its own field of gravitational force.

Agares likens his crocodile to a collapsing star. He says one day the compacting pressures will become so astronomical, the crocodile will turn inside out, and a new expanding universe will be born.

He claims that the birth of our present universe happened in much the same way (maybe a former crocodile… many creation stories have the crocodile in a creator role), and that he had an active hand in it.

In questioning other Goetic spirits concerning this, they say that Agares is older than this universe, and that his claims possibly have merit.

Agares wickedly cackles at the erroneous idea of his enormous crocodile being clumsy, or slow. He delights in reminiscing on the looks of abject horror, and recounting the terror which washed over those poor misguided individuals foolish enough to believe they could run from his crocodile.

Agares says (correctly) that, “the astral world is nothing more than a never ending river of consciousness, and in the river, the crocodile is king!” It is no joke that Agares’s crocodile propels its self through the astral river at break neck speeds.

Within my tradition of Goetic alchemy, Agares is said to live inside the human brain. Particularly, he is seen as the limbic brain (old mammalian), which is set a top the reptilian brain (an old man riding a crocodile), and having prominence over the hippocampus (a portion of the brain which is called the sea-horse, or sea-monster… which again looks like a crocodile).

***I would like to make this VERY clear. I have watched the internet for many years. If there was another order, or tradition, which had a system of Goetic Alchemy, or Magic anywhere similar to this they would have made this known long before this. What I am giving out to you are Goetic-Astral Temple-Astral Body-Physical Body configurations that have been JELOUSLY guarded in my linage. The Arcanum, and Alchemy of the Goetic magic I hold is deep, and wide to say the least. As usual I predict that some Hermetic group or individual will try and co-opt this information. Be warned, some of the Goetic spirit placements might “seem” obvious… others not at all. You run the very real risk of aligning the wrong Goetic spirit with the wrong body function, location, or governance with this type of guess work. In doing so I promise you that calamity of the bleakest sort WILL follow.***

Agares placement in the brain with respects to his crocodile (I am not yet mentioning the goshawk) is concerned with

1. Mermory
2. Observation of time
3. Spatial memory and navigation.

As such the alchemical and magical work done with Agares shall follow along these same lines.

One particular alchemical process working with Agares and his crocodile, takes advantage of the crocodile’s continuous saturnine themed internal collapsing, and eventual unfolding.

This method was frequently, and in some case is frequently, used to elicit what is in my tradition can be thought of as the “inner-verse”, a type of backdoor internal reality that is like a “side-B” to the astral realm. In here the sorcerer or Bokkor (as my tradition of Goetic alchemy, and magic came through Haiti) experiences the astral world with him, or her, as the primary focus, rather than the astral world of which they are just one of a infinite number of projectors of.

It is here also that the bokkor will likely encounter the entities which are of the lowest frequency, and have the most direct influence on, or over them, These WILL include possible Reptilian (yes… we are getting back to that, Greys, and Insectiod beings that are not dead, but rather working through energetic means).

The sorcerer will also likely encounter “hitch-hikers”, an entity not dissimilar to a fucked-up looking silver-fish (Lepisma saccharina). They are belligerent, and whisper bizarre, obscene threats. The sorcerer will often pick them up in areas that, or from people who, have a lot of depression, and chronic illness.

Here the bokkor will also come face-to-face with their half-baked, undeveloped, and unrealized thoughts. These will appear as partially erected or constructed landscapes, and “people” who contain “likenesses” to actual people, but whom are not fully formed. This will probably be fleeting interactions, the locations shifting, and at first a dirty, shady atmosphere.

The purpose of working in this inner-verse is to bring finality, and completion to much of these unresolved conflicts, and desires, all while learning to navigate your own psyche which open, and clears up potent avenues of power, health, clarity, and focus.

For this you will need a blind fold, and cotton or ear plugs at bare minimum. Traditionally you would also use a large burlap sack.

You will place the cotton or earplugs in your ears, and wrap and time the blind fold over your eyes. I have learned it is better not to use a square knot, but a simple over, and under with the blind fold as resting your head back onto a square knot just sucks. If you are using the burlap sack now is the time to situate yourself inside the bag like you where swallowed head first by the crocodile. Now, lay down on your back, and relax.

You will feel eventually a type of claustrophobic response. Your major senses of sight, and sound restricted, and with the burlap sack, the scratchy fibers over stimulate your sense of touch into a whitewash as to eliminate the sense of physical touch altogether, and the light weight of the burlap will gradually become a frightful crushing sensation.

You, the bokkor, must endure, and surrender more, and more to the feeling of collapse. As the outer world falls in on top of you, your must retreat ever inward, deeper, and deeper until……

Before long you will fall into hypnogogic images (Bael’s domain), and begin having dark, shady, and fuzzy interactions within your inner-verse.

Breathe in a deep, long, slow, soft, and relaxed manner. With every exhale, relax deeper, and allow tension to melt out of your body.

Begin practicing this twice a week, and for 15-30 minutes. Write down your experiences, and stick with it.

In a little bit we will take to practice further, and discuss what to do when you begin encounter true outer world entities.

-Uncle Bearheart.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Comment removal?!?! Fuck!!

Well, I guess this is the new mother nature taking over.

I logged on to make a post, and I found that ALL... not some, but ALL comments have been removed.

Even the ones from all the way back in 2010.

The posts themselves look to be fine.

Far as I can tell, someone might have submitted a post (or posts) that made someone (or some agency) very upset. My old YouTube channel was shut down on the FBI's murky "authority" for reasons I probably ought not make public seeing as though if they can remove my old YouTube channel, and now the blog comments are gone for who the fuck knows why, the posts themselves could get axed.

My fix? Stupid fucking comment moderation.

I welcome your comments!!! Please comment!!! However.... if you are planning to commit a crime, or do something illegal...or whatever... I can't allow it on the blog for obvious reasons.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Update, and Mersilde's Magic Mirror (Or...Mmmmmmmm)

Quick update on me.

I recently completed the last major leg on the destiny path my Godfather laid out for me over a decade ago. I was initiated into a fierce African tradition, and I am now Tata Nkisi of the magical religion Palo Mayombe of a very secretive house. I spent many years looking for avenues into legit houses of African traditions (be it Hatian Voudu, or Palo Mayombe). I was finally rewarded after years of exhaustive searching. I am currently in a big development phase in regards to Palo Mayombe and being a Tata. I will not be discussing Palo Mayombe past this specific mentioning for at least a year or more.

The Red Book or G.O.O.D.S grimore, is coming along nicely. I find myself having to pilfer through old hand written notes on protocols, etc, so I can pass this tradition down in a full and complete transmission. I need to do a lot of reflecting on the issues which occurred in the former G.O.O.D.S who still had my Godfather and I served as the Red Knight (I was not yet King), and how they got resolved.

Between these meditations I will release even more about this tradition so I can lay the foundation for what is a titanic amount of information to touch down on.

I am fleshing out the formulary on how to build the splendid Magic Mirror of Mersilde.

Mersilde is a goetic spirit detailed primarily in the Grimorium Verum along with a congress of 17 other spirits. Each spirit has their own specific fetish (or charm) which contains their blessings and functioning. To have all 18 is to possess a magical tradition of staggering formidability, and versatility.Precious little could come your way that you could not defend against, apply healing for, or administer towards with even but one of these fetishes (not to mention all 18). Whole magical houses/temples could be, and have been, firmly built around of these grimoric implements.

The Magical Mirror of Mersilde will serve as your primary descrying/remote viewing, and astral projection tech. In my own work (and G.O.O.D.S), this mirror is used to reveal enemies, their activities, and location. I have also conversed with more than just a few goetic spirits, spirits of the dead (including Nikola Tesla…yep you read that right), and utilized the mirror as a portal for astral projection. In addition I have not only glimpsed into, but also applied influence over the dream states of others (you can do some impressive shit with a candle and a mirror at 3 am), and descried the whereabouts of missing persons. The magical applications Mersilde's mirror are great and many indeed.

In the photo, that is just the absolute base for Mersilde's mirror. Those dolls pictured (as well as the ones who are not) are authentic spirit guides, of both Western and African linage tradition, who guide my hand in all the work I do. One is an Abukua doll of the Leopard Man society, the brother tradition to Palo Mayombe.

I want you to begin working with authentic magical tools, and learning the process of making them. It is time consuming, and materials will be difficult to obtain, but with the blessings of that spirit you will acquire them. You will work real magic, forge real relationships with extremely powerful spirits, and build a truly frightening magical arsenal to defend and empower yourself and your loved ones with.

I also need to staunchly lay claim to and state legitimacy of these artifacts of goetic arcanum. The occult world (and the world in general) is overrun with frauds and I want to make it VERY clear from whom this information is coming from. I will not have jealous, pock-marked, and pimple faced weirdos hijack my (soon to yours) efforts, or try and ride on my coat-tails (trust me… it’s been attempted).

The book will sit at $10. If by some chance you decide you are unable to make the mirror on your own, I can make it for you for around $300. If you go that route… of course I throw in the book for free. However, Mersilde’s mirror is not impossible to assemble, and requires ingredients that are available in the European mindset/world order. No hippo tusks, or leopard bones, go into the fetish making of the host of 18. So, I want you to really give it a try first, but if circumstances dictate otherwise, let me know.

Manuals concerning the construction of Clauneck, Bechard, Morail, Khil and Frucisssere's Fetishes, or charms, will follow in the near future. Eventually the spiritual technology of the whole host of 18 will be made available.

-Uncle Bearheart

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ever onward, ever forward: Next upcoming projects (read all). The forth coming of “The Red Book”.

Trying to get the HAHB published was a learning experience. If not for the dedicated efforts of a true friend, and brother in-arms, I might still be working at it.
I will for now on only self publish. It is easier, quicker, and I feel more direct. I also want to keep everything I write to be around $10. I feel that is an adequate sum, and the information I put out rare, and authentic (rare because it is authentic).

If you enjoy the tradition of Wicca I inherited, please let me know. HAHB is the first of nine (9) books minimum that would need to be released in order to pass on what I can of the tradition through media. If there is interest I will write the second in the series.

True to my word, if you donated to my “project fund” for the HAHB, I now know how to release copies. Send me and email. I stupidly lost my list, and if you say you donated, then you donated, and I will graciously make good on my word.

What is next?

I was (I still am) working on the first installment of the Goetic system of magic, and inner alchemy I practice. This will deal with the 72 spirits of the Ars Goetia as I inherited them. Not surprisingly I am working on the first book laying out the inner alchemy, and transpersonal working with King Bael.

Yes, my system of Goetic magic has enough meat to write a book about each spirit independently. I am already at 10,000+ words with King Bael… ("he maketh men invisible and speakth in a hoarse voice" NO WHERE NEAR explains who King Beal is) I am NOT finished yet.

Yes, that means to release it all I will need to write 72 books in total. I will gladly do this. What has been done to the Goetic system of magic by the golden dawn, o.t.o, and hermetic systems is unforgivable. Then there is the fraudsters writing “evil” grimiores, offensively empty Halloween/Hollywood inspired Necromantic trash, and hocking it for hundreds of dollars.

My love for this tradition is so great that I will write these books, and vainly hope to help recapitulate the fractured western mystery tradition via the Haitian current I received as I believe it was healed, and restored by its time in the African Diaspora.

HOWEVER, a thrust of purpose has come over me. I stop with King Bael (temporarily), and now begin writing (and finish) the G.O.O.D.S Grimoirum. I will title this “The Red Book”. This will also need to be a mutli-tome process. I will detail everything I can. Some of it you will already know… most of it you will not.

I will lay EVERYTHING out so that you may start your own branch. This will be more than just rituals; it is the metaphysical foundation, the structure, and operations of a magical temple in this order.

I have developed a much better system then a hand written list of who helps in this project fund…. It will not be lost…. If you would like to fund “The Red Book”, I would be most grateful. Once completed, “The Red Book”, will stand at $10. Should your funding equal that…well Sir or Madam… you got yourself a copy.

-Uncle Bearheart